Soon to be crack programmer smiling as he starts the Learn Modern JavaScript: Getting Started course.

Learn Modern JavaScript: Getting Started

This is the first course in the Learn Modern JavaScript Series. If you are fairly new to JavaScript, this course will get you started the right way.

This course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript and prepares you for the more advanced courses on JavaScript. You learn the JavaScript language; not just tips and tricks. We cover every topic necessary for someone getting started with JavaScript. With 11 sections, 110 topics, over 13 hours of video, and 12 exercises, you will learn JavaScript the right way.

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Image representing the Advanced Topics course.

Learn Modern JavaScript: Advanced Topics

Continue to improve your JavaScript skills by delving into more advanced topics.

This course continues to build and the foundation laid in the Getting Started course. We delve into topics that more seasoned JavaScript developer know and apply. We look at several patters that are necessary for any JavaScript programmer. We cover object oriented programming in depth. This course contains over 70 different lectures, over 11 hours of video, 2 quizzes, 7 assignments, and 1 large project.

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So what's this all about?

Because JavaScript is such a common language and was built to be easily learned, it seems most people know some of it. However, this has also encouraged poor habits which can cause unexpected problems in JavaScript code.

At All Things JavaScript we are not only users of the JavaScript language, we are students also. Our goal is to teach the intricacies of the language and good practices from the beginning, so that more and more of us are using JavaScript the right way.

If you are looking to learn JavaScript the right way or to improve your current skill base, you have come to the right place.