Functional JavaScript: Some People Love it

For the past six months or so I have been on a journey of discovering functional programming in JavaScript. When I first started, I could understand very little of the terminology or the concepts. It all seemed very foreign to me. But I persisted.

I now feel like I get it. I understand the power behind the paradigm. I understand the concepts. And…I must admit that I like it.

One thing I have noticed as I have read different articles and books on functional programming in JavaScript, is that people that are in to it are really in to it! They love it! Here is an example of one article I found recently. It is an interesting read and helps point out some of the positives of functional JavaScript. But you also lear how the author feels about functional programming.

How I rediscovered my love for JavaScript after throwing 90% of it in the trash

Reading this article caused me to ask a question: Do those that love  functional JavaScript love it because they get it? I really wonder. Help me out here. If you understand the ins and outs of functional programming in JavaScript but would rather use another paradigm like OOP, comment below. I would love to hear about it and why.

Author: Steven Hancock

Steven has 20+ years experience in product development and 15+ years using JavaScript. He started learning JavaScript when it was a niche language used for minor affects on a web site. The growth and ubiquitous nature of JavaScript both excites and inspires him. Currently he is President and lead Trainer at All Things JavaScript, a resource for anyone and everyone that hopes to increase their JavaScript skills. Steven was the co-owner of Rapid Intake, an eLearning Authoring firm. While there he managed all development and professional service related activities. He was heavily involved in the initial development of Rapid Intake's main product, which eventual lead to its acquisition in 2011. In addition to JavaScript, Steve has also dabbled in other web technolgies such as ActionScript, ASP, PHP, HTML, and CSS.